VR classics Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator come to Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro launched primarily as a productivity machine, but as any active VR user can tell you, it’s the games that sell the devices. Apple’s headset offers access to hundreds of games, but mostly as quick-and-dirty iPad ports that appear as a virtual screen in your field of vision. But that is starting to change.

Developer Owlchemy Labs has just announced that two tentpole titles, Business simulator and Vacation simulator, now available for Apple Vision Pro. These are not iPad ports. Both games are fully immersive VR experiences optimized for Apple headsets. This means that control is associated with hand-eye tracking. AVP’s lack of a dedicated controller will completely hinder some pre-existing VR games, but these two should work perfectly.

For those who don’t know, Business simulator It was one of the first “must have” titles in the VR space. It’s a hilarious riff on corporate culture that tasks players with designing cubicles, making coffee, and attending all manner of parties. Vacation simulator with a colorful beach location, scenic walks, and the ability to, well, knit, expand the fun into relaxation. Players can also relax in a fake hot tub, splash in a fake sea, and even do some fake yoga.

Business simulator It costs $20 and Vacation simulator it costs $30, which is the same price as competing platforms like the Meta Quest Store and Steam. It’s good to know that there is no Apple Vision Pro tax beyond the initial $3,500.

Interestingly, the developer Owlchemy Labs actually owned by Google, which doesn’t actually have a horse in the VR race. As for Apple Vision Pro, games and unique experiences are starting to appear. there is one An interactive story based on Marvel’s Suddenly…? Released on May 30th and tabletop RPG Demeo hit the platform earlier this week. Sales numbers for the headset It wasn’t quite pinkso we’ll see this discourage companies from developing software for the platform.

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