Ooni’s larger, dual-zone Koda 2 Max pizza oven is now available for pre-order

Ooni in April introduced the largest pizza oven, but the company was clear that you won’t be able to order until May. Well, the time has come. Starting today, you can pre-order the Koda 2 Max pizza oven For $999. The open beast is scheduled to start shipping in July, meaning you’ll still have to wait a few weeks to take advantage of this unit’s improvements. In addition to a larger cooking area, new features include dual-zone temperature control, improved heat distribution, a new digital display and Bluetooth connectivity to your phone.

None of these items come as a surprise since they were part of the original reveal, but Ooni’s full spec sheet for the Koda 2 Max provides more information on how the Bluetooth feature will work. The company explains that the Digital Temperature Hub takes readings from “various points” inside the oven and displays them on both the color display and the Ooni app. It also has two meat probes on it as you can see the best smart grids, which allows you to control the internal temps during the cooking process. With Ooni Connect, the company’s name for the wireless setup and app, you can see the average ambient temperature, individual zone temps, and the status of the two food probes on your phone. Plus, the app can send you alerts along the way if you stray away from the on-board display.

Apart from the new smart connection, the Koda 2 Max’s main attraction is its size. The 24-inch cooking surface is large enough for larger, 20-inch pizzas. Of course, you can bake two smaller ones at the same time to increase your efficiency during a pizza party. And with dual-zone temperature controls, you can roast meat and vegetables side-by-side at different temps to finish your meal in time. It’s an Ooni oven after all, meaning it can hit 950 degrees Fahrenheit and cook certain pizza styles in as little as 60 seconds. As always, there is no final decision on making the list best pizza ovens until a few pies are stretched, baked and consumed, hopefully before the Koda 2 Max starts shipping to backyard pizzerias this summer.

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