Amazon’s Kindle Scribe drops to a new record-low ahead of Prime Day

doesn’t officially launch until July 16, but early bird deals have been coming for days. For example, the well-reviewed Kindle Scribe e-reader and includes the company’s main pen stylus sheyamajig. All this is $105 off, making it a record low price. The downside? This deal is for Prime members only.

Kindle Scribe easily made our list . If it weren’t for the exorbitant original asking price and some stiff competition from the reMarkable 2, it would have taken the top spot. However, this deal makes Scribe cheaper than comparable products.


This is a record low price, but only for Prime members.

$235 on Amazon

We called the e-reader “better than pen and paper.” , specifically mentioning the low latency between the stylus and the tablet and the premium exterior design. Scribe is my personal e-reader of choice, and I’ve spent hundreds and hundreds of hours on that thing. I love it, but mostly as an e-reader. The extra screen real estate is more like reading a newly released hardcover than the smaller tablets out there. Despite the relatively large form factor, it’s surprisingly easy to hold with one hand when needed.

The writing part works great. It’s a seamless experience. I just don’t use it. My handwriting is atrocious and after drawing a few slices of pizza in notepad I kind of missed it. If records are your bag, this one will definitely do the trick. However, sharing these notes can be a bit more intuitive. There’s no handwriting-to-text algorithm, and the app automatically syncs notes as image files, but the only real option for editing after the fact is to convert to PDF and move to something like Evernote.

However, this is a Kindle. The digital store is the best in the business with the largest selection of names. This is how I look at the writer. I have the best e-reader on the market in my opinion, and it has note-taking, which is a nice bonus.

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