The TikTok ban law will be argued in court this September

TikTok will face the Justice Department this fall to stop a law that could have banned the app in the US. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit has set a September date for oral arguments in the two contested cases. ByteDance demands to sell the app or face ban.

TikTok sued, claiming the law earlier this month. The company said divesting ByteDance was “simply not possible” and that it was already in talks with the US government to address national security concerns. Separately, there is also a group of TikTok creators law. They argue that the law violates their First Amendment rights because they will lose their ability to communicate on the platform. TikTok is reportedly paying the creators’ legal fees in the case.

In September, the appeals court will hear appeals in both cases, which have been consolidated. whom Reuters The September date coincides with TikTok asking for an “expedited” timetable in the case, which could eventually reach the Supreme Court.

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