Russian state-sponsored hackers keep trying to infiltrate Microsoft

Russian hackers are trying to infiltrate Microsoft These attacks are a Last year, when government-sponsored agents obtained the emails of top Microsoft executives. An internal investigation led by Microsoft identified the hackers in both cases as Russian A band called Midnight Blizzard.

It looks like Midnight Blizzard has gotten bolder in its approach. Last year’s attack appeared to prioritize harvesting email addresses, but this latest attack reveals the group has repeatedly attempted to breach the company’s systems and gain access to its source code. Microsoft With the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

We don’t know exactly what these hackers wanted, but Microsoft said they were using email addresses obtained during the November attack to gain access to internal systems. Midnight Blizzard “can use the data it acquires to compile a picture of the terrain to attack and strengthen the ability to do so,” the company writes. I know one thing. They were better Leave the clip alone.

Midnight Blizzard is believed to be working directly for Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) and at the behest of Vladimir Putin. The group is believed to be behind the 2016 hack of the Democratic National Committee and the 2020 hack of software company SolarWinds. disruption of government networks.

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