Rabbit R1 starts shipping to the first batch of US buyers next week

The bright orange Rabbit R1 easily one of the most memorable devices to debut this year, and if you’re one of the lucky few who managed to order one before the first batch sold out, yours will be arriving soon. according to Rabbit, the first batch of US pre-orders will ship on March 31st (Easter Sunday). However, it will take several weeks for the devices to reach their destinations. The company estimates that the first R1 orders will be in the hands of customers “around April 24th.”

Rabbit is also hosting a pickup party in New York on April 23, which he says is open to all shoppers, not just one party. It plans to release more information about the batch and first deliveries next week.

The company’s Rabbit R1 demo, which came alongside CES, generated a lot of hype and more questions about the purpose of dedicated AI devices in the smartphone era. It is positioned and equipped for the most part as a more useful AI assistant that can go with you anywhere San Francisco startup Perplexity’s LLM. Co-designed by Teenage Engineering, the Rabbit R1 features a physical scroll wheel and rotating camera, plus a cute animated rabbit that acts as its mascot.

The company began taking pre-orders for the $199 Rabbit R1 in January, and the first few batches of 10,000 devices each sold out quickly. While the first batch will start shipping soon, buyers who come in later will still have to wait a few months for them to arrive. Pre-orders are currently open for the seventh batch.

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