Apple’s new M2 iPad Air tablets drop to record-low prices

Apple’s it’s only been out for a few weeks, but you can already find some decent deals on the new tablets. Many variants are currently on sale on Amazon, including the 11-inch base model with 128GB of storage. You can thanks to a $30 discount . It’s early days for the new iPad Air, but it’s still a record low price.


The 11-inch M2 iPad Air has dropped to its lowest price yet.

$569 on Amazon

While the iPad Pro is significantly more powerful and has a nicer display, we think the latest Air for most people. We feel it strikes the right balance between price, features and performance for most people.

Of course, it’s more expensive than the base iPad, which is the most wallet-friendly model, with a sticker price of $349. Since older devices don’t support many of the latest apps and features, opting for Air will help take you into the future.

The 11-inch model is easier to store, but for the first time, there’s also a 13-inch iPad Air. This is Apple’s most affordable large-screen iPad model, and the base model is also available .

We gave the 13-inch model . It’s brighter (and obviously bigger) than the 11-inch Air with a 600-nit screen versus a 500-nit screen, but otherwise the two models are effectively identical.

All positives are there, including doubling the base memory, moving the front camera to the landscape edge and support for the new Apple Pencil Pro. The switch to the M2 chipset means the latest iPad Air offers a slight performance boost over the M1 tablet, but if you’re stuck with an older iPad, you should find it’s faster than you’re used to.

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