PS5 update will let you invite people to multiplayer games through your smartphone’s apps

Sony It’s coming to the PS5, which should ease the process of getting people into the multiplayer game. The new tool will allow you to invite people to a game even when they’re not on the console or using the PlayStation app. The system creates a link through the app that can be shared anywhere online. When the buyer clicks the link, they will be able to switch to a multiplayer session. You don’t even have to be friends. Easy peasy. This is definitely a must (Nintendo looks away.)

The obvious use case here? You meet some people online through social media and want to have a quick game without passing usernames back and forth. Sony says you can start “playing together right away.” The tool will also generate a QR code with a link, something PS5 owners are already familiar with when it comes to multiplayer games.

There are some caveats. This feature won’t be available until the end of the year and is only for PS5 games. Sony also warns that some titles may require an update before everything runs smoothly. Of course, most PS5 games require a PlayStation Plus subscription to use multiplayer, and these .

Sony even made a custom live widget for multiplayer invites on Discord. When you share a link via Discord, the widget automatically updates to show whether a multiplayer session is active, so you won’t end up in an empty lobby watching the tumbleweeds roll. Like the upcoming invite tool, the Discord widget is only available for PS5 games.

The profile sharing tool is working.The profile sharing tool is working.


Finally, the company is working on a related tool that will allow people to share their PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social app by creating a link similar to how the aforementioned feature works. This will come later this year.

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