Snapchat will finally let you edit your chats

Snapchat will eventually join most messaging apps and allow users edit their conversations. The company said that the feature, which will be available “soon”, will initially be limited to Snapchat+ subscribers.

With the change, Snapchat users will have a five-minute window to change their messages, correct typos or otherwise edit their chats. Edited messages will have a label indicating that the text has been changed. The company didn’t say when the feature might be available to more of its users, but the company often brings sought-after features to its subscription service. Snap announced last week that it’s coming to Snapchat+, which costs $3.99 a month subscribers.

The app also adds several non-exclusive features, including updated emoji reactions for conversations, using my AI assistant to set reminders, and AI-generated outfits for Bitmoji. Snap also showed off a new AI lens that turns users’ selfies into 1990s-themed pictures (just don’t look too closely at the wireless headphones). in many pictures.)

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