Google Chrome’s new slate of features will allow search even with a ‘bad’ network connection

Google just announced a trio of features To allow “more useful suggestions” for the Chrome browser. Some of these tools work for a smartphone app, while others work with a standard PC-based browser.

First, desktop Chrome users get new search suggestions that pull from what others are using the browser to search for. The browser will still remember your recent queries and auto-fill related search suggestions, but you’ll also see user-generated options to the right of those regular auto-fill suggestions under a tab labeled “People are also searching.”

Chrome users on iOS and Android will now see more images to accompany suggested searches. In the past, Chrome only displayed images that exactly matched a specific query in the address bar for search suggestions, with Google providing an example of “Isanti dining table”. Now, broader searches—say, “bohemian table”—will link an image to each option from the dropdown menu. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

An image of the new Chrome image feature. An image of the new Chrome image feature.


Perhaps the most surprising new feature is that Chrome for iOS and Android is getting an optimization tool that allows users to search even when the network connection is poor. Google didn’t say how it works, just saying it’s due to “improved capabilities on the device.” The company says that search will continue to work with a “bad” connection, so some level of connectivity will probably still be needed.

All three of these features are available today, so use them. These are the latest tools for the search engine, as Google is constantly changing the service. The company recently added and a

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