Take-Two is shutting down the studios behind Rollerdrome and Kerbal Space Program 2

This is crazy. Mega-publisher Take-Two Interactive is shutting down Rollerdrome studio Roll7 and Kerbal Space Program 2 The Intercept Games team was seen, according to the documents Bloomberg.

Roll7 is based in London and was founded in 2008 by lifelong friends Tom Hegarty and Simon Bennett. is the studio behind Roll7 Olly Olly, The World of OlliOlli and RollerdromeAll fantastic games with wheel based mechanics. Olly Olly It was a Vita hit in 2014 and The world Landed early 2022 – both of them are great and especially the last one a causing a state of flux Skateboard platformer with amazing art style. Rollerdrome was one of us Favorite games of 2022; it’s a juicy third-person rollerskating and gun-toting game that looks like something out of 1970s dystopian sci-fi.

Roll7 has won many prestigious awards over the years, including recent wins BAFTA and DICE. As the name of the studio suggests, Roll7 developers know how to make incredibly smooth action games.

Take two Purchased by Roll7 in November 2021 and made it a subsidiary of Private Division, the company’s label for small and medium-sized publishing deals. according to BloombergTake-Two plans to close Roll7 and will offer severance packages to employees.

Intercept Games is based in Seattle and is responsible Kerbal Space Program 2, a popular flight simulation title that is technically still in early access on Steam. Take-Two founded Intercept in 2020 specifically to run it Kerbal Space Program 2and the game has been receiving updates since its February 2023 release.

Take-Two has not yet confirmed that it is shutting down Intercept Games, but it has not said that it hasn’t. The company appealed A notice in Washington On Monday, the state announced plans to lay off 70 people and close the jobs permanently, and some Kerbal developers have confirmed their latest departure. The private section will continue to update Kerbal Space Program 2Take-Two said in a statement.

Take-Two is one of the largest video game companies, generating $5.3 billion in revenue last year. It owns Grand Theft Auto and is the parent company of Rockstar Games, 2K, Private Division, Zynga and – most recently – Gearbox Software. Take two Bought the studio Borderlands Gearbox in March for $460 million. Grand Theft Auto VIThe most anticipated game of the decade is expected to add billions to Take-Two’s revenue in 2025.

In April, Take-Two announced It plans to cut 5 percent number of employees or about 600 people by the end of 2024. It also canceled some projects in development. When news of the planned cuts broke last month, Take-Two didn’t specify which studios would be hit, but now we know it includes Roll7 and Intercept. The Company has laid off some employees of the Private Division In 2023 also.

By 2024, approximately 9,400 people have been laid off in the video game industry, and a total of 10,500 workers have been laid off. Release in 2023. Sony, Microsoft, and Riot Games companies together fired 3,300 workers this year aloneand the results of the Embracer Group financial explosion continues to spread with multiple indoor studios and more 1400 internally displaced persons.

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