Ooni’s largest pizza oven yet offers dual-zone heat control and temperature tracking on your phone

Whether they are designed for indoor or outdoor use, many best pizza ovens You can only bake a 13-inch pie that you can buy right now. This is great for most situations, especially if you want to host a party where everyone can choose their own food. However, there are times when you need more space to cook or grill larger pizzas or other foods. Ooni fills the gap with its latest model, Code 2 Max, the company’s largest pizza oven to date. The 24-inch, gas-fired unit can cook up to 20-inch pizzas while achieving the high-heat cooking quality that Ooni ovens are known for.

As well as being the biggest option in the Ooni range, the Koda 2 Max has a number of extra features that make it an upgrade over some of the company’s other models. The first offers two-zone cooking with independent control for both burners. This will allow you to cook two things at different temperatures at the same time, or simply have the hot and cold side of the oven when needed. To make this easier, Ooni placed the two burners on the sides of the Koda 2 Max instead of on the back of the oven. The company says its G2 gas technology includes tapered burners for more efficient heat distribution and more consistent cooking stone temps.

Another update is the front-mounted color digital temperature display. While this isn’t the first Ooni stove to show you the temperature inside, it’s the first to show it in color and the first to send those stats to your phone. The Koda 2 Max retains the general look of previous gas-burning Koda products, including folding legs for transport. It will also connect to a propane tank like previous models so you don’t have to manage the fire while you cook pizza and other dishes.

The Ooni Koda 2 Max will go on sale in May for $999, making it the most expensive outdoor-only option in the company’s range of pizza ovens. Fully electric Volt It was the same price in the beginning, but it’s going up now For $899. If you can do without all the cool new features and extra dining space, the Koda 16 ($599) and Code 12 (399 dollars) are hundreds of dollars cheaper, baking 16- and 12-inch pizzas as their names suggest.

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