A four-pack of AirTags is $20 off right now

Bluetooth trackers are handy little devices that can help you find things you’ve misplaced. If you’re deep in the Apple ecosystem (or at least have an iPhone), AirTags are probably your best bet. If you’ve been meaning to pick some up, there’s good news for you as four packs of AirTags are on sale. It’s in the package It dropped by $20 to $79. This is close to the lowest price we’ve seen for them, so it’s a solid deal.


You can get a pack of four AirTags for a record low price.

$79 on Amazon

Setting up AirTag with your iPhone or iPad is easy because it’s done with one touch. Once you’ve done this and added an AirTag to the item, you’ll be able to track it with your family and friends in the Mind My app. Apple says AirTags do not store location data or history, and their connection to the Find My network is encrypted and anonymous.

You can play a sound on the AirTag’s built-in speaker to help you find a misplaced item (useful for a remote that’s fallen on the edge of the couch, for example), and you can ask Siri to help you find your stuff. If you have a new iPhone (11 or newer), you’ll be able to use a second-generation Ultra Wideband chip that enables pinpoint accuracy – which will give you precise directions to the AirTag once it’s in range.

If you’ve lost an item away from home, you can put the accompanying AirTag into Lost mode. This means you’ll get a notification every time you appear on the Find Me network. In other words, when it’s picked up by one of the hundreds of millions of Apple devices on the Find My network. The AirTag is a rugged little thing (IP67 water and dust resistant, and the replaceable battery lasts over a year), which will give you some time to find your missing item.

You may want to take a little to make sure it is securely attached to your item AirTag accessories. These allow you to attach the AirTag to various fabrics, keys, or anything with a strap. There are also adhesive mounts, meaning you can stick the AirTag to almost anything.

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