Boston Dynamics sends Atlas to the robot retirement home

About 11 years later current humanoid robot is leaving Boston Dynamics Atlas. The DARPA-funded robot was designed with search and rescue missions in mind, with the idea that humans could enter dangerous areas to perform a number of tasks. However, Atlas became a bit of a star thanks to the self-revealing videos impressive feats of strength, agility and balance. Accordingly, Atlas runs off into the sunset

“For almost a decade, Atlas has sparked our imaginations, inspired future generations of roboticists, and broken technical barriers in the field,” the YouTube description reads. “Now it’s time for our hydraulic robot Atlas to kick back and rest.”

Boston Dynamics’ farewell to Atlas doesn’t just show some a robot can. It’s also a bit silly. Along with tossing his tool bag and leaping between platforms, Atlas slips, trips and falls several times in the clip – which, oddly enough, makes him seem more human.

Boston Dynamics, of course, has more commercially successful robots in its lineup . It’s likely not the end of the line for the company’s humanoid robots. “Take a look at everything we’ve achieved with the Atlas platform so far,” reads the farewell video’s description. Those last two words show that Boston Dynamics isn’t quite done with this side of robotics.

Engadget reached out to the company to learn more about its future humanoid robot development plans. For now, it looks like Atlas the robot is looking for a Wednesday afternoon dance partner at the nursing home.

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