Xbox’s Fable reboot will come to Xbox Series X/S and PC next year

After years of teasing its arrival, Xbox has finally announced a release window for the upcoming Fairy tale reboot. The game is scheduled for release on Xbox Series X/S and PC in 2025, and will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. The company released a new trailer during the Xbox Games Showcase on Sunday. Fairy taleDeveloped by Playground Games, it was first announced in 2020 with a teaser.

Xbox is touting this as a “fresh start” for the series. New Fairy tale focuses on a washed-up former hero named Humphry, who we saw in the last trailer. He is “forced to retire when a mysterious figure from his past threatens Albion’s existence.” In our final look at the game, released during last year’s Summer Game Fest, we were introduced to a character named Dave, voiced by Richard Ayoade. The new trailer gives us a little more look at some in-game footage and doubles down on the quirky tone of the previous teasers.

We’ll still have to wait a while for it to actually be released, but at least we have one we can cling to now.

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