The Kasa Smart Plugs Mini EP25 four-pack is down to its lowest price yet

There’s something really nice about not getting up when you realize the light in the room is still on. If you are looking for this convenience, then check out the current sale on our site cute smart plug. The Kasa Smart Plug Mini EP25 four pack On sale for $32.58, down from $50. The initial deal brings it down to $37.58 and gets a $5 coupon at checkout (though limited to one coupon per order).

Kasa Smart

The Bowl Smart Plug The Mini EP25 works with Android and iOS devices and offers assistant support from Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Samsung SmartThings. The plug has a fixed connection and you can give each one a unique name for easy management. The app is also clean and intuitive to use with features like timers, vacation mode and schedules.

There is also agreement Amazon’s Smart Plug, reduced from $25 to $20. We named it the best smart plug for Alexa-enabled homes, so if you have a few Amazon Echo devices scattered around your home, this might be the best choice. You can use an existing account and set the plug as light in the settings. Once that’s set, all you need to do is tell Alexa which lights to turn on and off.

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