Amazon debuts a generative AI-powered playlist feature

joins is starting to offer a playlist function powered by generative artificial intelligence. For now, Maestro is available in beta for a small number of Amazon Music users in the US on iOS and Android.

People in the beta will see Maestro on their home screen after updating to the latest version of the app. They can also access the tool by tapping the plus button to create a new playlist.

The idea is to use natural language suggestions to create any kind of playlist imaginable. You can include sounds, actions, emotions and even emojis. you can ask Maestro to make a playlist of songs that sound like robot emoji (in which case you’ll probably hear a bunch of Daft Punk songs). Other suggestions offered by the company include “😭 and food 🍝”, “Make me a genius 👶”, “Myspace-era hip-hop” and, oddly enough, “The music my grandparents made”. ewwww.

Based on these insights, it looks like Maestro is more or less ready to handle whatever suggestions you can throw at it, although Amazon notes that the technology is still in beta. So Maestro can’t always fix everything right away. The company also says it has safeguards in place to prohibit abusive language and inappropriate offers.

Amazon plans to roll out Maestro more widely over time. Like everything else, Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can listen to Maestro playlists instantly and save them for later (or share them with friends). Prime members and users of the ad-supported free tier can listen to 30-second previews of their playlists before saving them.

Spotify earlier this month For Premium members in the UK and Australia. AI Playlist works in the same way as Maestro.

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