Uber will start reminding passengers to wear their seat belt

From today Uber the app will remind you to fasten your seat belt shortly after starting the ride. Passenger failure to use seat belts remains a significant concern, with 50 percent of U.S. car accident deaths due to failure to use them in 2022, according to an announcement about the new safety feature. . Now, when you board, your driver’s phone will give you an audio reminder to “Use your seat belt for your safety.” You’ll also get a push notification on your phone at the same time: “Use your seat belt for safety, even for short rides and sitting in the back.”

The company first began testing seat belt beeps in 2021 based on driver feedback. At the time, it said it believed the warnings would “increase seat belt use and help drivers ensure a safe environment while traveling”. This launch makes it widely available in the US, UK, Taiwan, Latin America as well as several countries in Africa. Uber intends to bring it to more areas in the future.

This feature will only be activated for your first five trips after the feature is activated. Uber probably hopes you’ll get used to wearing your seat belt after the first five times, though it will prompt you every 10 trips after that. The company also recently introduced a new one security preferences section here you can find and automate service security tools. From there, you can automatically activate features like voice recording, PIN verification, RideCheck, and Share My Ride.

Screenshot of a phone screen with an Uber notification reminding the user to wear a seat belt.Screenshot of a phone screen with an Uber notification reminding the user to wear a seat belt.


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