Tesla will reportedly take customers on a test drive to show off its Full Self-Driving tech

If you’re in North America, a Tesla employee will show you how the automaker’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology works before taking your car home. Bloomberg. Tesla CEO Elon Musk issued a memo requiring Tesla stores in the region to install and activate its latest Full Self-Driving software. later take customers for a short test drive before handing over the car. He added that “almost no one realizes how well (supervised) FSD actually works,” and that he calls demonstration a “hard call,” even though he knows it will slow down delivery.

To enjoy Tesla’s FSD technology, you must pay $12,000 to unlock it on top of what you pay for the car itself. It comes with all of the company’s Autopilot features, as well as the ability to use auto-steering on city streets and activate your car’s ability to detect stop signs and traffic lights so it can automatically stop your car when it approaches. Still, $12,000 is a big chunk of money. If you’re willing to shell out that much, Tesla can only hope that the demonstration might give you the push you need to say yes.

Tesla has been the subject of criticism and official investigations over the years for its Autopilot and FSD technologies. California DMV in 2022 filed a complaint against the company for using advertising language suggesting that its cars are capable of fully autonomous driving that does not require the supervision of a human driver. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated Dozens of Tesla accidents involving Autopilot or FSD, including collisions with ambulances. Following NHTSA’s footsteps, so does the Department of Justice began to investigate Features Tesla’s Autopilot and FSD

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