Microsoft merges its Windows and Surface teams under one leader

Microsoft is merging its Windows practices and Windows devices teams into one unit, and has appointed company veteran Pavan Davuluri to lead it. whom The Verge notes that Davuluri has been serving as head of the Surface team since Microsoft spun off its Windows experiences and devices from the following year. Departure of Panos Panay. The company is expanding its role again after another departure, this time with ex-Windows veteran Mikhail Parakhin leading the Bing search engine and its advertising business.

In a letter written by Rajesh Jha and obtained by the publication, the company’s technology chief said Parakhi had “decided to explore new roles”. It is not entirely clear whether he has left Microsoft entirely or is still looking for new opportunities within the company. However, it should be noted that he decided to leave Microsoft after a week Deepmind hired its co-founder Apparently, Mustafa Suleyman – asked Parakhin reporting directly to him. For now, Parakhin is still at Microsoft and will report to the company’s CTO Kevin Scott during the transition.

Jha wrote in the letter that the combination of the two teams will enable the company to “take a unified approach to building silicon, systems, experiences and devices that span the Windows client and cloud for this era of artificial intelligence.” While Davuluri now leads both the web experiences and devices teams, the former still reports to Suleiman, who is in charge of Microsoft’s AI efforts.

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