T-Mobile finally owns Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile

It will be more than a year after the announcement Get Mint Mobile T-Mobile signed a deal worth up to $1.35 billion. With Un-Carrier’s acquisition of parent Ka’ena Corporation, it will acquire not only Mint, but also internationally focused prepaid carrier Ultra Mobile and wholesale wireless provider Plum. T-Mobile also promised to keep Mint Mobile’s $15/5GB per month offer, the cheapest in the US.

Mint Mobile is backed by Ryan Reynolds, who is believed to own 20-25 percent of the company. The acquisition was announced in March 2023, but the FCC only confirmed the contract last week. Mint will continue to operate as a separate brand, joining T-Mobile with Reynolds as pitchman and founders David Glickman and Rizwan Kassim to lead T-Mobile.

Mint Mobile’s $15 plan has a few loopholes, meaning you have to pay for three months upfront to get that plan, then pay for a whole year to keep it ($180 total). As a perk, T-Mobile offers “unlimited” (really, with a 40GB reduction) data for the first few months. Customers will also get unlimited talk and text in Canada, along with 3GB of roaming data.

Mint’s competitors include T-Mobile itself, along with AT&T, which has a very similar plan but is hard-capped at 5GB. suggest 15GB for $25 including 10GB of hotspot data. The latter requires a one-year contract and an upfront payment.

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