OpenAI suspends developer over ChatGPT bot that impersonated a presidential candidate

OpenAI has suspended the developer behind the ChatGPT-powered Dean.Bot bot designed to impersonate Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips to help boost his campaign. . The chatbot was created by AI startup Delphi for the super PAC We Deserve Better, which supports Phillips.

Dean.Bot did not pretend to be Phillips; Before interacting with Dean.Bot, website visitors are shown a disclaimer explaining the nature of the chatbot. Again, this type of use is directly against OpenAI policies. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the developer has stopped working Post. It comes a few weeks after OpenAI published a long article about the measures taken for In the run-up to the 2024 election, it specifically cited “chatbots impersonating candidates” as an example of what’s not allowed.

Opt-out for Congressman Dean Phillips' chatbotOpt-out for Congressman Dean Phillips' chatbot


OpenAI also said in a blog post that it “does not allow people to create programs for political campaigning and lobbying.” According to the previous story , Dean.Bot’s intent was to connect with potential supporters and spread the candidate’s message. followed by Post‘s request, Delphi initially botched ChatGPT and continued to use it with other open source tools before completely taking over town on Friday night after OpenAI launched.

If you visit the site now, you’ll still be greeted with a disclaimer — but the chatbot itself is down due to “technical difficulties” and visitors will be told “Sorry, DeanBot is currently running a campaign!” presents its message. Engadget has reached out to OpenAI for comment.

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