A two-pack of Sonos Era 100 smart speakers is $88 off right now

Two packages Sonos Era 100 wireless smart speakers are currently going for one of the best prices we’ve seen on Woot since the holiday season. You can get two of the speakers for $410, or $88 off their regular price. That’s as low as last year’s Black Friday price, when the Sonos Era 100 speaker dropped to $199 individually. If you’re looking for some decent mid-range speakers to upgrade your home audio setup, the Sonos Era 100 is a solid choice, especially at 18 percent off.


Save 18 percent on a two-pack of Sonos Era 100 smart speakers.

$410 at Woot

The Sonos Era 100 was released last year as the successor to the Sonos One and brought many improvements. It packs two tweeters and a larger woofer than the Sonos One and produces high-quality sound. The Sonos Era 100 is our pick the best mid-range smart speaker thanks to its impressive sound quality and features like Trueplay tuning, which Sonos has made even better with this model. The Era 100 uses its built-in microphones to adjust itself for optimal output for its location.

With the Era 100, you also have the option of manually connecting a device to the speaker via the USB-C port. Unfortunately, you’ll likely need an adapter to connect something like a turntable, but it’s still nice to have a line-in option (the Sonos One didn’t have one). If you’re hoping to use a voice assistant with the Era 100, you should know that it’s best suited for people working with the Alexa ecosystem. The speaker supports Alexa and Sonos’ own voice assistant, but it doesn’t work with Google Assistant.

The Sonos Era 100 is a good choice for a multi-room audio or home theater setup and can be paired with a soundbar for an even better experience. It also has better device controls than the Sonos One and a physical mic switch for when you want to make sure it’s not listening.

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