Mini’s first electric Countryman has a wild interior that’s not to be missed

Mini promised , a date that seems pretty far off in 2021, but isn’t so far away now. While the company’s previous battery-powered efforts have been great, it will take something more serious and practical to turn the masses on to electrifying wonders.

It just might be the 2025 Mini Countryman. If you’re feeling traditional, though Mini offers this car with a gasoline engine, the star of the lineup will be the new $45,200 all-electric Countryman SE. It’s quick with 313 horsepower and 363 pound-feet of torque, and it’s also practical with more cargo space.

So how does it go? We headed to Portugal to find out, and while the new Countryman’s extra bulk and weight make some compromises, it’s an engaging SUV to drive with a fantastic interior that’s just a few software updates away from perfection. Complete the full preview, watch the video above.

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