Facebook, Instagram and Threads are back online after a two-hour outage

Meta says it fixes a problem that prevents people from logging into services like Facebook, Instagram, and Threads. The problem started at 10am with reports of outages for services (and WhatsApp). leap about Down Detector when.

Facebook booted several members of the Engadget team back to the site’s login screen, leaving them unable to log in again for several hours. Feeds on other services were not loading for many users. However, the main Meta service WhatsApp worked for some, including me.

“A technical issue earlier today caused people to have trouble accessing some of our services,” Facebook spokesperson Andy Stone said. He wrote in X. “We have resolved the issue as quickly as possible for everyone affected and apologize for the inconvenience.”

Update 3/5/10:32 PM ET: Updated to note that the outage has been resolved.

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