Max will start cracking down on password sharing this year

Warner Bros. Discovery ( WBD ) plans to join Netflix and Disney in preemption users from sharing their passwords with friends and family who do not live in the primary home. according to JB Perrette, the company’s CEO and president of global streaming and gaming, told the conference that account sharing will begin later this year before rolling out more broadly in 2025.

The goal, of course, is to improve Max’s bottom line. WBD does not make any money when a user allows someone else to use their Max account. As of the end of 2023, WBD has 97.7 million cable subscribers on Max, Discovery+ and HBO. This is an increase of 1.8 million compared to the previous quarter.

It is not clear how WBD plans to implement the password sharing operation. Last year, Netflix began allowing users to share their accounts with people outside of their core family . There was initiative . Disney+ later followed suit with its own password restrictions . Disney said users in the US will have to .

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