Volvo pauses deliveries of its EX30 due to software issues

Volvo EX30 HOME was a hit along with a relatively low $35,000 price tag, thanks to the use of technology from the ground up. However, his trust in this technology is probably getting to him (as he read other recent cars), as the automaker delayed deliveries in Europe due to software bugs, Automotive News reported.

“We confirm that Volvo is working tirelessly to resolve the issue,” the company said Car News Europe. “Significant progress has been made, but firmware version 1.2 does not yet meet all requirements for release.” Apparently the problem couldn’t be fixed by the airline, so updates had to be done at the dealers.

Volvo didn’t say exactly what the bug was, but the customer correspondence said the 1.2 firmware “includes some Google certifications and major updates, among other things.” I ran into a few bugs (eg Google Maps stopped working). pre-production model testing in Barcelona.

Volvo EX30 first driver: Attractive and eco-friendly with power to spareVolvo EX30 first driver: Attractive and eco-friendly with power to spare

Steve Dent for Engadget

The car faced numerous delays lasting nearly two weeks. Apparently, Volvo has fixed the issues and electric cars are ready to roll off dealer lots as soon as they’re fixed. Automotive News. “We want the best possible experience for our EX30 customers,” said Volvo.

The EX30 has generated a lot of interest thanks to its attractive design, low starting price, solid performance, decent range and use of environmentally friendly materials. All models sold to begin with will be manufactured in China, so the car is not eligible for federal US tax credits.

Some models will later be built at Volvo’s plant in Ghent, Belgium, as the company later announced. The EX30 is key to Volvo’s plans to boost sales by 69 percent and sell 1.2 million vehicles by the start of next year.

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