Epic accuses Apple of flouting court order by charging for external links on iOS apps

Epic Games already has He accused Apple It is now making the same claim about “detrimental compliance” with new EU competition laws. One new legal documentationhe accused Apple of failing to comply with a 2021 decision It allowed developers to bypass Apple’s 30 percent reduction in in-app payments and is asking the court to enforce the preliminary injunction.

Once the Supreme Court refused Apple has filed an appeal of the decision revised guidelines, forcing developers to apply for the “rights,” while still offering the option to purchase through Apple’s own billing system. On top of that, Apple still took a 27 percent commission (or 12 percent for iOS Small Business Program participants) on any sales made through a link to external payment systems.

Epic claimed that these fees were “substantially identical” to what they charge using their in-app payment (IAP) system. To that end, he accused the company of failing to comply with the order, saying the payments made the links “commercially unviable”.

It also said Apple is “not a button” for external links and is in violation of the order, which forces Apple to remove restrictions that “steer” users to alternative payment “buttons, external links or other calls to action.” .” It added that Apple violated the order in a third way by prohibiting cross-platform apps like Minecraft from displaying external payment links. It included statements from other developers, including Epic, Paddle and Down Dog.

“Apple’s goal is clear: to prevent the acquisition of alternatives from limiting the competitive fees it collects on the purchase of digital goods and services,” the filing says. “Apple’s purported compliance is fraudulent. Accordingly, Epic seeks an injunction to (i) find Apple in civil contempt, (ii) require Apple to immediately bring its policies into compliance with the Order, and (iii) require Apple to cure all violations . Guideline provisions in Guideline 3.1.3.”

Apple previously said it had implemented new rules that allow alternative payment buttons or links in apps and allow developers to “engage with customers through touchpoints voluntarily obtained from customers through in-app account registration.”

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