Meta is testing cross-posts from Facebook to Threads

Despite the quick collection More than 100 million users, Meta’s Threads hasn’t quite hit the zeitgeist the way its main competitor, X/Twitter, has. Almost still waiting for him Airplane moment on the Hudson. Nevertheless, Meta does its best to drive and maintain attention on the text-based platform, including by showcasing popular topics on Facebook and Instagram.

His final test is also from the previous playbook. The company plays by allowing users to easily switch from Facebook to Threads. This could finally make it easier for heavy Facebook users and/or content creators to share their thoughts, videos and photos on Threads without much effort. By the way, some users can share text and link posts from Facebook to Threads. There’s no guarantee that Meta will implement this feature in the long run or expand it to include images.

It makes sense for the meta to at least try it. Users have long been able to submit stories and Reels on Facebook and Instagram at the same time, so adding Threads to the mix is ​​a logical step. Meta confirmed TechCrunch that it runs a test that is limited to iOS and not available in the EU.

The opt-in approach makes more sense than automatically sharing a user’s Threads posts to Facebook. What was Meta doing for a while raise awareness of the past. People often have different identities on Facebook and Instagram/Threads, even if they are connected to the same account. Maybe they don’t want their friends and family to see overly political posts or dirty jokes on their Facebook feeds. At least this way they will be able to share posts on both platforms.

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