Honda built a powered chair to zoom around theme parks while wearing an AR headset

At the SXSW Conference in Texas, Honda will give you a chance to try the new mobile device UNI-ONE specifically designed for mixed reality entertainment experiences. Users can control the UNI-ONE hands-free – they just need to tilt in one direction to move forward, backward, sideways or diagonally. The idea is to combine it with a mixed reality device so passengers can enjoy a truly immersive game or activity.

While that sounds pretty wild, Honda has been testing the UNI-ONE for multiple use cases in Japan since last year. For example, at Suzuka Circuit Park in Mie Prefecture, Japan, Honda created an activity where users had to control a mobility device and navigate according to the scenes displayed on the tablet. At SXSW, people will be able to put on a virtual reality headset and board the UNI-ONE and play a choose-your-own VR adventure.

High-tech seat on a gray background.High-tech seat on a gray background.


The car has a seat that can be raised or lowered so that users can adjust it to better interact with the people around them. Since it is battery operated, it has a top speed of 3.7 mph and can support passengers up to 242 pounds. Honda believes the device has several potential applications in entertainment and believes it could be used to create indoor and outdoor experiences in racing games, theme parks and comparable facilities.

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