Xbox's Hi-Fi Rush is coming to PS5 on March 19

One of the worst kept secrets in gaming is now official. Former Xbox exclusive Hi-Fi Rush Coming to PS5 on March 19th. Many expected the announcement to come during this period Wednesday’s Nintendo Directfocused on third-party games, but Bethesda confirmed the news a few hours later.

It came out right on time Penitentiary and Grounded it was about transition. Both games will be coming to PS4 and PS5 on February 22nd and April 16th respectively. Grounded There will be cross-play support between Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Meanwhile, Microsoft revealed is the fourth game to cross over to other platforms Sea of ​​ThievesComing to PS5 on April 30th. It will support cross-play between PS5, Xbox and PC.

Hi-Fi Rush It debuted in early 2023 When Microsoft announced and released the game on Xbox and PC on the same day. The rhythm-based beat-’em-up quickly found a huge fan base thanks to its killer visuals and soundtrack — helped by the fact that it was instantly available on Game Pass at no extra cost.

The PS5 version will include all content from the Arcade Challenge update, including two additional modes. The digital deluxe edition includes more cosmetics and will give you extra Gears to spend on upgrades.

Microsoft wants to improve the results of its gaming division. In recent months, the company has implemented massive layoffs and Activision Blizzard’s revenue has doubled to help do so.

Perhaps in line with this strategy, Xbox execs recently confirmed rumors that they’ll be releasing a few more first-party games on “other consoles.” They are announced earlier this month He declined to name them, other than to confirm that the four games would make a big difference Starfield and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle would not be among them.

Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, said that all four games have been on Xbox and PC for at least a year and have reached their “full potential” on those platforms. two (Grounded and Sea of ​​Thieves) are community driven/multiplayer games. Others are “little games that were never built as sort of platform exclusives.” Hi-Fi Rush it fits into the latter category given that it was in development a long time ago Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media, parent of both studio Tango Gameworks and publisher Bethesda Softworks.

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