It will see a limited release in the US as part of a ‘developer program.’

nothing announced It will unveil the latest Phone 2a on March 5, but there are no big surprises for American fans of the product. Rather than being officially released Phone 2, the device will come to the US under the “developer program”. It sounds a lot like the release of the original Phone 1, which sold for $299 under a similar-sounding “Beta Membership” program.

The company hasn’t revealed any images or pricing of the device, but the company could use a streamlined Phone 2 aesthetic. This unique design was an eye-catching feature thanks to its transparent Gorilla Glass back, 11 LED “Glyph” strips, metal frame and curved edges.

The Phone 2a is rumored to be a budget version of the $600 Phone 2. In a teaser video, the company questioned how it could make it “cheaper” and also noted that it was building better supplier relationships to pass the savings on to consumers. Earlier rumours Stabilize the European price around €400 ($430), the savings partly translated into the cheaper MediaTek Dimensity 7200 processor.

The same rumors suggest it will feature a simplified interface with fewer LED strips, plus top-centered dual cameras that look like eyes on top of the head (somewhat supported by Nothing’s “See the world with fresh eyes”). The Verge notes). The sketches shown in Nothing’s launch video support this claim. We may learn more soon as Nothing is holding a press conference in Barcelona for the Mobile World Conference (MWC) on February 27th.

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