Our verdict on the Humane AI Pin

Finally, a wave of AI assistant devices is launching, and the first is Humane’s sleek design. AI Pin. Humane calls it “the first wearable device and software platform,” a magnetically detachable wearable with a projector, camera, microphone, speakers and its own Internet connection.



Does it replace a smartphone? A small device that projects its own screen with seemingly no touch controls, just a voice assistant to get things done. No, not really.

After trying to get her voice-centric assistant working for her for a while, Cherlynn Low says AI Pini is “slow, fast, and even smart.” Check out its details overview.

The Rabbit R1 it will be completely different, right? Right?!

– Matt Smith

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Agreement does not apply to other Universal artists.

Taylor Swift’s music has returned to TikTok after a ten-week hiatus. The music left the platform after negotiations broke down between the social media app and Swift’s label Universal Music Group. Interestingly, the deal did not include provisions for UMG artists, so Billie Eilish, The Weeknd and Drake.

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X has started checking “reputable” users who haven’t signed up for premium.


Anatolia via Getty Images

X will no longer allow users to hide their blue checks regardless of whether they have paid for the premium or not. On Thursday, the app began notifying users that “X Premium’s hide your icon feature will be removed soon.” X unexpectedly began adding blue checks to the accounts of “influential” users with at least 2,500 followers who paid for a premium subscription. Although Elon Musk suggested that the change was an advantage, some, including previously verified users, were not happy with the presence of the blue badge, as others suspected that they had actually paid for the subscription. (I’d read a thesis on how Elon Musk destroyed social media verified ticks.)

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Apple’s pairing of parts continues to hinder the self-repair movement.

Consumers and repair shops will soon be able to use genuine Apple parts to repair devices rather than ordering new components. The company claims that used parts “will now benefit from the full functionality and safety provided by the original factory calibration.” The initiative will launch with the iPhone 15 this fall. If you replace the used screen with your crisp screen from another iPhone, some features like True Tone and so on automatic brightness adjustment, may not work. An improved self-repair program should solve this.

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