Casio’s Dimension Tripper lets you control your guitar pedals with your guitar strap

NAMM synths, guitars, saxophones, etc. full of shrapnel. But now I promise you Size Tripper The only wireless expression controller from Casio where you work with your guitar strap.

The concept is simple. This is an expression pedal. Just not in pedal form. Now we’ve seen expression controllers of all shapes and sizes: Faders, rolls, even lasers. The Dimension Tripper does the same thing, but instead of rocking the pedal back and forth with your foot or sliding the fader back and forth with your hand, you pull down on your guitar itself.

The system consists of two parts. The transmitter goes between the end of your strap and the strap button on your guitar. One end of it is retractable, and as you extend it, it sends data to the receiver via Bluetooth. Under ideal conditions there’s about a 20ms delay, but even with all the interference on the floor at NAMM, it was barely noticeable.

A receiver is a relatively standard looking box that sits on your pedal board and connects to your target pedal. A series of lights in the middle give you visual feedback when you extend the sensor on the transmitter.

Casio Dimension TripperCasio Dimension Tripper

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

Although the two parts are a bit bigger than I expected. The receiver has two footswitches and is basically the size of a standard guitar pedal. The transmitter is about 5 inches long and 1 inch thick. You will notice this when you play and you should shorten your belt significantly.

Other than that, it works like any other expression controller. You can use it for energetic wah wah effects, subtle volume boosts, or to crank up the weirdness in a ring modulator. It can even be used in place of a footswitch to turn the effect on and off. That way, you can come down hard for overdrive at the beginning of the chorus.

Casio Dimension TripperCasio Dimension Tripper

Terrence O’Brien / Engadget

The concept is definitely tricky. But I have to admit, it’s fun and actually kind of feels natural. Most players strum their guitars a bit anyway, and this just felt like an extension of that. I had to be a little more assertive and act with more confidence than I normally do, but I adapted very quickly. Is it practical? Probably not. But kudos Casio for trying something different.

It’s unclear if this will become an actual retail product. Currently running Casio crowdfunding campaign You get the Dimension Tripper back for ¥32,736, or about $221. If the wireless expression controller has more life than that, but is still up in the air.

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