Fossil is done making smartwatches but will keep releasing updates for a few years

Fossil is officially getting out of the smartwatch business. After months of speculation about the future of Wear OS smartwatches, which haven’t seen a new model since 2021’s Gen 6, the company has confirmed it. On Friday, he abandons the category altogether. The Gen 6 won’t have a successor, but existing Fossil smartwatches will still receive updates “over the next few years.”

in his statement to The Verge, a spokesperson said Fossil Group has “made a strategic decision to exit the smartwatch business,” citing the evolving industry landscape. “Fossil Group is channeling resources to support our core strength and core business segments, which continue to provide strong growth opportunities for us: the design and distribution of exciting traditional timepieces, jewelery and leather goods, as well as under our licensed brand names. “

Fossil has been pretty quiet about its smartwatch plans lately, after the first few years of steady releases, and the decision will come as a disappointment to anyone holding out hope for the Gen 7. In the battery life department, Fossil smartwatches are some of the best watches out there.

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