Fan-made Bloodborne Kart catches heat from Sony, forcing developers to shift gears

We were so close to finally crawling the cobblestone streets of Yharnam, but it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer. Bloodborne Kart. And when it comes, it will be called something else. Project creator Lilith Walther said the team had to “clean up the branding” of the game and delay its release following Sony’s intervention. It was supposed to be released on January 31st for PC. The result isn’t surprising at all, but it does mean the game will shape up a bit differently than planned – in writing XWalter said, “It’s not a fan game anymore!”

Bloodborne Kart, a retro-style racing game that started as a memehas garnered a ton of support from fans who crave innovation Bloody content. In response to the latest development, many have joked that the entire saga has forced Sony, the owner of the IP, to accept the title for the first time in years. Walther previously released it for free Bloody PS1 game style “demake”.

“So Sony contacted us,” Walther said update On Friday. “Long story short, we need to remove the branding that was previously known by the name Bloodborne Kart. We will do it, but it requires a short delay. Don’t worry, the game is still coming out! It’s just going to look a little different.”

The developers planned to introduce 12 racers, which were designed after acquaintance Bloody Characters including the Huntsman and Puppet from the Huntsman’s Dream with single player and multiplayer modes. There were supposed to be 16 maps and boss battles where you could compete against the likes of Father Gascoigne. It’s really too bad they couldn’t continue with the original idea, because it looked awesome, but I have no doubt they’ll turn it into something just as awesome.

“Honestly, we’ve been waiting for something like this to happen, and the idea of ​​having full creative control is kind of exciting!” Walther wrote. There is no new release date yet, but you can check back until then Bloodborne Kart We almost do a loop and trailer about the dream.

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