Humane’s AI pin is hot (not in a good way)

Remember Humane’s AI pin that was hyped as the next big thing until people started using it? Turns out, that wasn’t the only thing wrong with being a useless piece of meat: Humane now . There are other less flammable ways to reflash your unit, the fault is limited to a single component. But even so, it’s not a good look for a company that already has a lot of egg on its virtual face.

– Dan Cooper

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Picture of the star liner on the pillow.Picture of the star liner on the pillow.


There is a Starliner , about a month later than originally planned. The craft is now on its way to approach the ISS with two crew members and 760 pounds of cargo, where it will remain for the next eight days. After so many false starts, let’s hope the Starliner can finally start living up to the promises it made all those years ago.

YouTube has changed its policies . Similarly, effective June 18, it bans clips that explain how to remove safety devices for all ages. a whole year After a watchdog group discovered YouTube was recommending gun content to “kids” accounts.



Robin Williams once said [a certain substance best inhaled through the nose] It’s God’s way of letting you know you’ve made too much money. . Imagine what a local homeless shelter could do with that kind of money.

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