Apple’s Vision Pro won’t have access to YouTube and Spotify apps at launch

When the earliest users Apple Vision Pro if you get your headphones in February, they’ll find some of the most popular entertainment apps in its system’s app store. according to Bloomberg, Google’s YouTube and Spotify currently have no plans to develop apps for the device’s platform, visionOS. A YouTube representative also told the publication that it won’t be making the iPad app available for download on the headset just yet. “YouTube users will be able to use YouTube in Safari on Vision Pro,” a spokesperson said. As for Spotify, a source told the publication that it does not intend to load the iPad app on the Vision Pro either.

whom MacStories The report, which features a list of popular apps that will initially be compatible with the headset, notes that apps for iPhone and iPad will automatically appear in the device’s store. Developers should opt out of making their apps downloadable on Vision Pro. It’s unclear why YouTube and Spotify chose not to make their apps available on the headset, but they’re not alone. Bloomberg previously reported Netflix also won’t release a dedicated app for Vision Pro. In addition, Netflix told the publication that subscribers will have to access its service from a browser on the device, which means that its iPad app cannot be downloaded. Basically MacStoriesAccording to “Report”, “Meta” Instagram and Facebook may also disappear from Vision Pro’s application store.

These companies may have chosen to wait and see if it was worth allocating resources to create custom software for a $3,500 headset. They may also be concerned about dealing with the potential problems that Vision Pro users might encounter if they use the iPad versions of the apps on a completely different category of device. However, early Vision Pro users will still have plenty of entertainment to choose from, including Disney+, which gives users access to special immersive environments that can serve as backdrops for their shows.

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