EU says music streaming platforms must pay artists more

It is the European Parliament calls new rules to ensure streaming services pay artists fairly. The proposal also calls for more transparency about how algorithms make suggestions about which artists to stream and which tracks get the most publicity.

The proposed changes will be designed to ensure that smaller artisans are fairly compensated. Currently, royalty rates are set so that artists receive a lower payment for the distribution of their content in exchange for visibility. streaming platforms Spotify and the like Apple Music. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are primarily involved in introducing new legislative frameworks to support artists.

Members of the European Parliament believe that the current way of distributing royalties is unfair. Current algorithms favor major labels and artists when making offers, making it difficult for less popular and diverse genres to gain exposure. “Cultural diversity and ensuring authors are credited and paid fairly have always been our priorities; therefore, we are asking for rules that ensure the transparency of algorithms and recommendation tools used by music streaming services, as well as putting European authors at the center of their use of artificial intelligence tools”, – the rapporteur Spain’s Iban Garcia del Blanco said.

as part of this call For a change, members of the European Parliament want more regulation on the use of artificial intelligence. Actual implementation of the legal framework by EU regulators may take some time to achieve results. similar to UK regulators have also raised started to explore the issue of payment fairness in streaming applications and even the impact of algorithms on listening habits. It’s no secret that it accounts for more than half of streaming platforms music industry revenue. Represents streaming approximately 67 percent of the music industry’s revenue globally.

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