Watch the Xbox Developer Direct showcase here at 3PM ET

Time to take a look at some things Xbox This year there is a store for players. Xbox Developer Direct, Microsoft’s first gaming expo of 2024, happening today. It starts at 3pm ET and you can watch it below.

The biggest news from streaming will likely come in the form of MachineGames’ Indiana Jones project. We’ll get our first look at the game Three years after Microsoft announced its name, and learn details about the characters and setting. MachineGames will present over 10 minutes of gameplay and developer insights.

Elsewhere, fans will learn more about it Sure, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II and Ara: The Untold History. Unfortunately, Xbox will not suddenly release a new game during the showcase because did with Hi-Fi Rush a year ago during the last Developer Direct. “All games at this year’s Developer Direct will come with more information to be shared later in the program” The Xbox blog post is being read.

While Microsoft didn’t share news about any Activision Blizzard games during the Developer Direct, you can tune in to the live stream earlier in the day. Diablo IV Developer Update. It starts at noon ET in Diablo YouTube and Twitch channels. You’ll learn about quality of life improvements, details on Season Journey and The Gauntlet, as well as game updates for the next season.

The Elder Scrolls Online fans will probably want to stick around after the Developer Direct is over. It starts at 4PM ET in Bethesda Twitch channel and Xbox YouTube and Twitch channels, they will preview the next major chapter of the MMORPG with details on the new zone, storyline and other key features.

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