Get up to 49 percent off Roborock robot vacuums during the Amazon Big Spring Sale

Roborock robotic vacuum cleaners As part of the Amazon spring sale. All told, dozens of products, from standard robot vacuums to handheld cleaners, are available at discounted prices.

The most attractive offer here is probably the company’s offer 30 percent off. That brings the price down to $700, a record low for the device. It’s a vacuum/mop hybrid that automatically places debris in the associated dock. Roborok says the dock is big enough, at 2.5 liters, to hold up to seven weeks of dirt and dust before heading to the bin.


It is also powerful enough to clean hardwoods, tiles, carpets and even thick rugs. It has the same kind of light and infrared imaging technology as competing robots, so it will automatically avoid floor-based hazards. The associated app gives people access to a 3D map of the location, allowing people to customize their cleaning routes. We have consistently Enjoyed the Roborock vacuumsthough we found the app to be a little on the confusing side.

The company’s Q5 robot vacuum cleaner , which means a 49 percent discount. It’s an entry-level product without many of the premium features found with the S8+, but it’s still a great choice for simple cleaning jobs. Although the Q5 doesn’t have any vacuuming features, it can handle pet hair, dust, dirt and all kinds of debris with ease. The battery lasts three hours before needing a charge, which is a decent figure. It also integrates with voice assistants.

Other deals include the Roborock Q8 Max and the Dyad Pro combo wet/dry handheld vacuum, which has a vacuum but no self-draining dock, for $400. This cordless vacuum is $460 during the sale, which is a 30 percent discount.

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