Hellblade II finally arrives on May 21

Ninja Theory finally has a release date Hell knife to be continued: May 21, 2024. More than four years have passed since then The saga of Senua was It was announced at the 2019 Game Awards Along with Microsoft’s (later next-gen) Xbox Series X console.

The first game of the series, Sacrifice of Senuafocused on the main character’s journey to the realm of the dead and his struggle with mental health issues. Epic It will attract the attention of Senua, who travels through Iceland to track down Vikings raiding their hometown. According to ninja theory, you have to wait”perceptual puzzles based on his experiences of psychosis,” was the high point of the first game. There will also be some pretty standard video game battles, but this time in Iceland!

As you’d expect for a first-party title, The saga of Senua Day one is coming to Microsoft’s Game Pass service for Xbox consoles and PC. For those without Game Pass, it will be a digital-only release for $50. PC users will be able to purchase it either in the Xbox store or online Steam.

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