Indiana Jones and The Great Circle is coming to Xbox and PC ‘later this year’

As promised, it provided the first details about the Xbox MachineGames’ Indiana Jones during the project Developer Direct stream Thursday. He also confirmed the name of the game — Indiana Jones and the Great Circle — and announced that it’s coming to Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox Cloud Gaming later this year.

No prizes for guessing that this is an action-adventure game that will see Indy try to stop some bad guys who are after a mysterious force. The story takes place between the events of 1937 Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. The McGuffin The powerful force in question is associated with something called the “Great Circle” – a perfect circle connecting ancient places on earth of “great spiritual significance” built by man.

The first gameplay trailer Now takes a first-person perspective as you explore the Egyptian pyramids, traverse snowy mountain peaks, sneak around enemy strongholds, and generally try to survive in the face of mortal torment. He also uses his whip to knock down the bad guy (allowing Wilhelm to scream in the process), punches some Nazis in the face and jumps from one airborne biplane to another.

In cutscenes and some platforming sequences, the camera will pull back to give you a better look at the legendary archaeologist. The game uses the likeness of Harrison Ford, but the powerful Troy Baker in the video game provides the character’s voice.

It’s early days, but MachineGames, with the help of Bethesda’s Todd Howard as executive producer, seems to have nailed the look, feel, and sound of an Indiana Jones adventure. We’ll find out how well they cope with this difficult task when the game comes out later this year, however Indiana Jones and the Great Circle just became one of my most anticipated games.

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