US officials help take down AI-powered Russian bot farm with nearly 1,000 fake X accounts

US officials and their allies identified and destroyed the AI-powered device Russian bot farm It consists of about 1000 accounts. These accounts managed to spread disinformation and pro-Russian sentiment on X, formerly Twitter. The Justice Department said the scheme was made possible by software created by the digital media department at RT, the Russian state-controlled media outlet.

It focused on a tool called Meliorator, which can create “massively authentic-looking social media personas,” creating text messages as well as images, according to a cybersecurity consultancy from the FBI, Dutch intelligence agencies and Canadian cybersecurity agencies. misinformation reflected from other bot personas. For example, an account called Ricardo Abbott, allegedly from Minneapolis, posted a video of Russian President Vladimir Putin justifying Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

The Justice Department is still monitoring and trying to find all 968 accounts used by Russian actors to spread false information. X has shared information with authorities about all identified accounts and has already suspended them.

– Matt Smith

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Samsung’s next big event starts in a few hours. We’ll be covering all the announcements (and testing the devices), so stay tuned . We expect to see the Galaxy Fold 6 and Galaxy Z Flip 6, but their updates may be minor, as well as Samsung’s newest wearable, the Galaxy Ring. If you want to get some idea of ​​what to expect, you can read about it here.

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