Amazon discounts the Echo Buds to only $25 ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day will officially be here on July 16, but we’re already starting to see discounts appear, especially on Amazon’s own devices. The Amazon Echo Buds they fall into this early half Chief Day deal. Wireless headphones are now one of Engadget top picks for buds on a budget For $50, it’s only $25 today. That’s a record low for the latest model, which arrived last year.

This is the latest iteration Echo Buds does not enter your ear canals. Instead, the buds have a semi-open fit with a similar stem Apple’s standard AirPods. The Echo Buds include removable silicone ear cups (not tips) to help with grip and comfort without stuffing your ear, which can be uncomfortable for some people.


Get Amazon’s latest Echo Buds for just $25 in this early Prime Day deal.

$25 on Amazon

That means they don’t have noise cancellation, so don’t expect them to tune out or block out the outside world (other than drowning out your music if it’s loud enough). This style works best for those who want to be aware of their surroundings while avoiding the feeling of stuffy ear canals.

The third-generation Echo Buds can last up to five hours per charge (up to six hours with Alexa’s wake word detection). However, their charging case adds another 15 hours, and you can quickly add two hours to the buds with a 15-minute quick charge.

Sound quality will be noticeably lower than competitors in the $200 range, but if Amazon could match it, it would do wonders. Instead, you get a perfectly solid sound profile (lacking a bit of bass) that performs better than you’d expect for a $50 headphone. At $25 today, it’s hard to imagine anything else in this price range coming close.

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