Google brings passkeys to its Advanced Protection Program

Google adds support for its Advanced Conservation Program. APP is the company’s highest-level security option. It is intended for targets who may be at high risk of hacking or other fraud, such as elected officials or human rights workers, and previously required a physical security key to use. on Google today, he acknowledged that the physical component makes the APP less feasible for some people who need the service most. Now people who register in the APP can choose pass key or physical key.

Google was one of many tech companies to start offering security switches and will roll them out to all Google accounts in 2023. Earlier this year, Google reported that more than 400 million accounts use passkeys. . And that’s a big number, but overall adoption of this technology .

In addition to adding passkey support, Google also shared that it has partnered with media nonprofit Internews to provide cybersecurity support for a network of journalists and human rights defenders. The agreement will cover ten countries, including Brazil, Mexico and Poland.

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