Never Alone 2 teaser shows Nuna and Fox coming face-to-face with giant creatures

Two years after discovering that he was working on E-line Media Never alone 2appeared in the first look at the game . The short clip shows Nuna and her soulmate Fox running across the ice to encounter a pair of giant creatures. There’s not much to the video (it’s a teaser after all), but it gives the look and feel of the game.

You will travel the Alaskan wilderness in search of ways to support your home village. Along the way, you will uncover a secret that threatens society. While the 2014 original (played by an estimated 15 million people) married 3D graphics and 2D gameplay, Never alone 2 It is billed as a “continuation of the 3D open map”.

Never alone includes solo and co-op modes (). The chase is designed primarily for two players in online or couch co-op modes to focus on the theme of interdependence.

Never alone 2 It features an original story by IƱupiat writer Nasugrag Rainey Hopson and was developed with input from Alaska Native elders, writers, storytellers and community members. E-line Media has not announced a release window Never alone 2 yet, but the developer has teamed up with publisher Humble Games to release it into the wild. Meanwhile, fans can for updates.

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