This tool unlocks Windows’ AI-powered Recall feature for unsupported PCs

Microsoft introduced Copilot AI and Surface during its event in May Remember, an AI-powered feature for Windows designed to help you find everything you’ve ever looked at on your PC. According to Microsoft, this feature is only recently launched and will be available in the future Copilot+ PC, are devices that come with on-board neural processing units (NPUs) for AI tasks. Now, someone using the alias Albacore has released a console Windows app It’s called Amperage on Github This will allow users to run Recall even on older computers that don’t officially support it.

The tool can only enable Recall on computers with Arm64-based SoCs, which means they must be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon, Microsoft SQ or Ampere chipsets. Users should also make sure they are running Windows 11 version 24H2 build 26100.712, as older and newer beta versions of the OS lack the necessary components to enable the feature. whom The Verge With AMD and Intel-based Copilot+ PCs expected to launch later this year, future iterations of the tool could unlock the Recall feature for even more devices.

Recall works by taking pictures of the computer while the user is at the computer, storing them locally on the computer, and then using native multimodal small language models to recognize text, images, and videos. If a user wants to find something they’ve looked at before on their computer—whether it’s an image, a website, a document, or an email—they can search the Recall Graph. Microsoft said it will work even if the user types in vague contextual clues if they can’t remember exact phrases or descriptions. And since the snapshots taken by Recall are stored locally and offline, users’ data is meant to remain private and secure.

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