Steam Deck gets a built-in game recorder

While there are a number of third-party apps and services you can use to record your Steam games, you now have a native option built right into the Steam client. Valve launched itself game recorder beta, and yes, it also serves as a native audio recorder Steam deck. You can either set the feature to start recording in the background as soon as you resume playing, or to start (and stop) recording only when you press a hotkey. If you choose to write in the background, you can set the maximum amount of memory records it can hold. Once you reach the limit, Steam will overwrite the old posts.

Replayability will allow you to watch previous footage in the Steam Overlay, so you can see if you lost a boss fight or made a mistake in case you took a wrong turn that lost you. You can even drop markers in advance to make it easier to find the clips you want to watch later. The new feature also makes it easy to send clips from Steam Deck to your computer or mobile device if you want to share them with friends or download them online.

Valve says this feature will only capture images of your games, not your desktop, but it can include audio from voice chat apps. This will work for most games, even non-Steam titles, as long as they support Steam Overlay. Since the feature is still in beta, you’ll need to join the beta program to access it. To select the beta program, go to Beta Participation in the Interface under Settings, and then enable the Game Log option that appears in the Settings menu.

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