YouTube reportedly wants to pay record labels to use their songs for AI training

Much of the conversation surrounding AI revolves around its use copyrighted materials for making models. YouTube is reportedly taking steps to avoid this problem, offering major music labels a fee to license their songs for AI training. the Financial Times reports.

Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Records are reportedly in talks with the Google-owned platform. However, the companies are unlikely to have the final say, as it is up to each artist whether they participate or not.

Many musicians are far from allowing artificial intelligence anywhere near their work. Expired in April 2023 200 artists signed an open letter “We must protect against the predatory use of artificial intelligence to steal the voices and likenesses of professional artists, violate the rights of creators, and destroy the music ecosystem.”

In November YouTube has launched Dream Track, a tool that allows select creators to use the lyrics and voices of singers like John Legend and Charli XCX. However, only ten artists participated in the test of the tool, and it seems that YouTube is aiming to have “dozens” participate in the AI ​​song generator.

Record labels have taken a stand against companies they perceive to be using copyrighted content. Three on June 24 Sony, Universal and Warner filed lawsuits against music generators Suno and Omio for “massive” copyright infringement. They are seeking penalties against future use and up to $150,000 per case.

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